Meet Kate

In many ways, I'm almost a cliche of myself. I live in a city apartment with two cats. I write short stories. I teach English Composition at the local colleges (as an adjunct). I have a master's in a (sort of) useless degree--no, not philosophy: American & New England Studies (my thesis is on popular culture and literature and can be found here).

I'm a conservative libertarian (which may or may not break the cliche), a Mormon (which probably does) and my short stories and novellas are mostly fantasy and science-fiction, rather than angst-filled stream-of-consciousness yarns about modern life.

I also adore stuff like string theory although I don't understand much of it, and am a skeptic about anything that gets too labelly. (See my philosophy below where I go on and on and on about that.)

I can be reached at (it's an anagram).

Many of the pictures below were taken by Jen, my friend since kindergarten. Without Jen, I would probably have no photographic record of my adult life since I'm the kind of person who takes cameras to places and then overexposes the entire roll. Thanks, Jen!

This picture, however, was taken by my mom:

My Other Life

Foggy Day in Maine

Jen and Kate

The Things People Don't Know About Our Family . . .

My Seminary Students (I Confess, I Taught Them to Read the Scriptures & Fight)


Woodbury Ladies: Kate, Beth, Mom, Ann, Kezia

Kate, Mom, Ann, Kezia at Lobster Shack

Kate, Mom, Ann, Kezia, and Dad, the Patriarch


jennie w. said...

You don't state in this post that your birthday is May 4th. Which I still remember! So happy birthday! Hope you had a great day!

Kate Woodbury said...

Thanks, Jennie! It's hard to believe it, but today is my big 4-0.

I don't feel older, but I did think--at the beginning of this week--"Oh, yeah, that's right, my birthday is Wednesday. Oh, well, back to grading." I think such dispassion *may* be a sign I'm getting older. Hmmm.

Liz said...

Have you written anything new about feline transmogrification?

Kate Woodbury said...

I have been working on a novella about a young woman who becomes a cat (and then changes back). I don't know if it will ever get published! I might have to go the self-publishing route :)