Published Works

The Mystery Series

Coin: A Donna Howard Mystery: A novella with a down-to-earth detective forced to handle paranormal elements.

Silver Spoon: A Donna Howard Mystery: A novella that continues Donna Howard's work as an investigator of artifacts and contemporary crime.

Apron: A Donna Howard Mystery: A novella that tackles genealogy plus Colonial American artifacts.  

The Tributes

Man of Few Words: A novella exploring the events of Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen from Darcy's point of view.

Persuadable: A novella exploring the events of Austen's Persuasion from the viewpoint of the so-called "villains," Mrs. Clay and Mr. Elliot.

Mr. B Speaks!: A novella exploring literary critical analysis and the events of Pamela by Samuel Richardson in a courtroom setting.

The Roesia Chronicles

Aubrey: Remnants of Transformation: A debutante deals with her reversal from animal  to human. She deals with stalkers, politicians, academe, family matters, and her growing attraction to an imperturbable policeman.

Richard: The Ethics of Affection: Aubrey's brother handles magicians, a noxious fiancee, and Shakespeare-like disguises in an attempt to find true love.

Simon: The Dispossession of Hannah: A ghost story, Simon follows the life career of a troubled magician and his dealings with the women caught in the walls of his house.

Tales of the Quest: This series of published and newly short stories takes place in the Roesia world alongside an ironic history of The Quest.

Katherine's published novellas can be found at Peaks Island Press.